Nordic Open Wushu Championships is an open international martial arts competition in Sanda. Rules are officially named Wushu-Sanshou.



Sweden Kung fu & Wushu Federation rules for Sanda (official name Wushu-Sanshou) will be used at this competition. The set of rules are based on the 1999 set of IWUF rules, with some national modifications.

A class (Nordic Sanda Championships): senior elite level with full contact.

Experience from international competition or wins in national competitions, or similar level of experience. Full standard protective gear, no shin guards, only ancle protection allowed(optional).

B class: amateur level with light-contact.

Competition in Sanda B-class light contact should be executed as its name implies, with well-controlled techniques. Competitors use all techniques from Sanda A-class (full contact), but these techniques must be well controlled when they land on legal targets. No intentional knock outs are allowed and leads to disqualification. B-class light contact Sanda has been created as an intermediate stage before full contact Sanda. Open for first time competitors, non-experienced athletes, but requires minimum two years of sparring training. Full standard protective gear with shin guards.

Judging on level of contact in B-class

The athlete- & team manager/coach is overall responsible for signing up in the right class, based on previous experience.
The mat referee and head judge will be responsible for judging the level of contact in the B-class fights. If the athlete disregards the referee’s warnings on using too much power, or intentionally goes for a knock out, the athlete will be disqualified.

Age classes

SENIOR (18–40 years) A class level: full contact. B class level: light contact.
JUNIOR (16–17 years). B class level: light contact.

Weight classes

Ordinary Sanda (Wushu-Sanshou) weight classes applies.

48 kg (≤ 48 kg)
52 kg (> 48 kg–≤ 52 kg)
56 kg (> 52 kg–≤ 56 kg)
60 kg (> 56 kg–≤ 60 kg)
65 kg (> 60 kg–≤ 65 kg)
70 kg (> 65 kg–≤ 70 kg)
75 kg (> 70 kg–≤ 75 kg)
80 kg (> 75 kg–≤ 80 kg)
85 kg (> 80 kg–≤ 85 kg)
90 kg (> 85 kg–≤ 90 kg)
+90 kg

48 kg (≤ 48 kg)
52 kg (> 48 kg–≤ 52 kg)
56 kg (> 52–≤ 56 kg)
60 kg (> 56 kg–≤ 60 kg)
65 kg (> 60 kg–≤ 65 kg)
70 kg (> 65 kg–≤ 70 kg)
75 kg (> 70 kg–≤ 75 kg)
+75 kg (> 75 kg)

Uniform & equipment

  • The athlete will use personal Sanda shorts and short sleeves/linen. No specific colours are required – however, red and blue (international standard colours) are preferred.
  • For women tight, covering dress is allowed.
  • Personal suspension, mouth guard, and hand wraps (max 2,5 m, non-elastic) are required.
  • All other protective equipment will be provided by the organizer. No personal gloves, shin guards or head guards are allowed.

For further questions on the rules and classes, contact the organizing committee at


Payment is done online with credit card. Swish payment is accepted for Swedish citizens.


Organizing committee
For general questions and full info about the competition:

Peder Finnsiö
President Sweden Kung fu & Wushu Federation
+46 70 6705181

The competition is sanctioned by the Sweden Kung fu & Wushu Federation.