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Welcome to the 2019 Nordic Open Championships with Wushu, Kung Fu, Tuishou, Taiji and Sanda, and to the Stockholm Kung fu Festival!

The competition is open for all individuals, regardless of federation, club or national affiliation.

Here is some practical info on


December 6-8, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden at venue Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö.

SCHEDULE December 6-8

Day 1 – Dec 6
– Arrival day all athletes & judges
– Registration at venue, weigh in Sanda & Tuishou – 17:00–18.30*
– Try out the competition areas and training at venue –13:00–18:00
18:30 – Kung fu festival performances & opening ceremony
Day 2 – Dec 7
– Registration at venue, weigh in Sanda & Tuishou – 07:30–08:30*
– Competition – 09:00–18:00
– Dinner – 18:00–19:30
Day 3 – Dec 8
– Seminars – 09:00–11:30
– Guided tour: Old Town & Christmas market – 12:00–14:00
– Departure – All day

The competition schedule will be published online after registration closes.


  • Dinner at the venue on Saturday (price and reservation info will be updated!)
  • Seminars on Sunday, at 15 EUR/person and seminar. No advance reservation necessary.
  • Guided tour on Sunday: Old Town & Christmas market (price and reservation info will be updated!)


We welcome all teams and individuals to participate in the Stockholm Kung fu festival performance show.

Preferably a team program of 2–5 minutes, or individual performances 20 sec–40 sec.

The individuals will be put together in groups to show part of forms or techniques one after each other in a high tempo. It is possible for individuals to participate twice, e.g. in one bare hand form and one weapon form.

To participate in the show, please send us an email to with 1) number of persons and ages, 2) team name and 3) description of performance. If you want to have your own music, please send this as well, as a digital audio file.

To be able for the organizer to set the program correctly, we need as accurate information as possible about the performance. The athletes must be aware of the timing and schedule in the performances, and that the organizer has the last word concerning the program and terms for participation.


  • The registration fee will be paid online by credit card upon registration
  • For Taolu there is an additional 10 EUR per extra competition class.
  • The registration fee is to be paid in advance online in the registration system, by credit card.
  • Refunds can be made until November 1.
  • Registration is open, click here!


For participants from outside EU (from countries that requires visa for entering Sweden) we recommend applying through your official national Wushu federation. We can only send our invitation letter to such federations, not to individuals. To get an invitation letter (“formal visa-based invitation”), please ask your federation to email us at with an application for all participants.
Non-Swedish citizens need to have an international insurance vaild for sports and travel, since the organizer is not responsible for any possible injuries in the competitions.
Swedish citizens competing in Sanda need to have a fighting card registered in the Swedish Budo & Martial arts federation or similar organisation.


Smoothcomp registration and competition system will be used in all competitions. The score of each athlete will be announced on a monitor after each performance and published online. You can follow the competition live with starting times and results in your smartphone.


The venue is Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö, located in Stockholm City, Södermalm, and easily accessible by all transportation.


These are some suggestions for where to stay while in Stockholm, whether you prefer to stay close to the venue in Älvsjö, or in Södermalm (the inner city district closest to the venue, with a travel time of approx 10 minutes with commuter train from Södra Station, or taxi).

If you prefer the 4-star hotels, we would like to recommend either Hotel Scandic Malmen or Hotel Rival. They are both very likable, centrally located in busy restaurant & night life areas, and close to the commuter train station.

If you are on a shoestring, we can offer you to stay in our club on tatamis for 15 EUR/night per person. Suitable for groups or individuals, up to 20 people per room. Two rooms available.

Please email us your interest in this option at!


Welcome to Stockholm! Swedens capital is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, built on fourteen islands. Lots of bridges, parks, castles and museums but also restaurants and nightclubs. And shopping! Stockholm has some of the nicest Christmas markets in the world.

We have arranged a guided Christmas tour on Sunday December 2, through the Old Town to shops and markets where you can warm yourself with glögg (mulled wine mined with raisins and almonds), gingerbread cookies, Christmas lights and glowing fires! 15 EUR/person.

Please email us your interest in this option at!



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Södra Station (commuter train station in Södermalm)

2-, 3- and 4-star hotels in Södermalm

Hotel Scandic Malmen

Hotel Rival

Hostels and house boats in Södermalm

S.M.A.C (club house) at Åsögatan 153, Södermalm, Stockholm

2-, 3- and 4-star hotels in or near Älvsjö (mostly in a walking distance from the venue)

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