Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 2023-06-07


Date: December 1-3, 2023
Venue: Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm.


Visitors: Nordic Open Wushu Championships is a part of Kampsportsfestivalen (Sweden Martial arts festival) and is located within the Fitness festival.

Participants: Entry pass will be provided upon registration at the venue. For all weigh in, go to registration.

Opening hours venue
Friday Dec 2 14:00–20:00
Saturday Dec 3 08:00–18:00
Sunday Dec 3 10:00–17:00


How much is the total cost to participate in the Nordic Open Wushu Championships?
The cost to participate is 40 EUR per athlete for each competition; sanda, taolu and tuishou.
Additionally, in taolu and tuishou the first class is 40 EUR and all the following classes are another 10 EUR.
E.g: traditional hand form: 40 EUR, traditional weapon form: 10 EUR = total 50 EUR for two classes. You can register up to four (4) classes per person in taolu, and two i tuishou.

How about accommodation and travel expenses?
All teams and athletes book and pay for their own accommodation, food and travelling. We have a dedicated event hotel with discount rates and free cancellation (if booking in time). Read our practical info page for all necessary information and different options.
Be sure to book your stay in time!

Are there any additional costs?
No, there are no mandatory additional costs.

Do we have to bring judges to participate with our team?
No, it is not mandatory to bring judges. However, if you have a judge on your team we will be happy to have them on the judges team, if needed. Email us on info@nordicopenwushu.se.

When do we have to arrive to Stockholm?
No later than December 1.

Where and when is the registration in Stockholm?
Register at the venue. Either on Friday December 1, between 14:00–18:00, or on Saturday December 2 between 08:00–08.30

For registration to the competition, scroll down!

Where and when is the weigh in for sanda & tuishou?
Weigh in at the venue. Either on Friday December 1 between 14–17:00, or on Saturday December 2 between 08:00–08:30

When does the competition start?
Competition starts at 08:30 on December 2. Starting lists, brackets and schedule for the competition will be published at Smoothcomp, no later than December 1.

When does the competition end?
Preliminary: The competition ends at 18:00 on Saturday December 3.

How do I register to the competition?
Register on the Smoothcomp competition system.
There, you first create an account and register as a coach/ team leader in the system, together with your club name or team.
Then, as the first registered person, you become manager for this club/team. After this you can now register all your team members, or they can do it by themselves, and join the club/team you have set up.
It is also possible to register without any team (if so, just add “no team”).
All athletes must create an own account (or the manager can also do this for everybody).
Technical questions about the registration, contact support@smoothcomp.com.
All questions about the competition and practical matters, contact info@nordicopenwushu.se.

What is your recommendation as the organizer, to register as easily as possible for this event?
1) Register each of your team member (or yourself) online at the Smoothcomp competition system.
2) Pay the fee by credit card.
3) Book your travel to and from Stockholm.
4) Book your accommodation in Stockholm for (at least) two days stay. See recommended event hotels here!
5) Send us an email with your team name, and the names of all of your team members, including coaches and team leaders, and confirm the participation.
6) Well that´s it!